Book review: Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted

Welcome to my book review website.

For my first review I want to review a book given to me by Bethany House Publishing Group entitled Hope For the Same-Sex Attracted. This is a short book written by pastor Ron Citlau of Calvary Church Chicago.

This book is broken into three parts: Obstacles, Gifts and Final Thoughts.

The Good: The discussion of Citlau’s view on sexual identity compared to those of other orthodox Christians was very insightful. In fact an entire book could be devoted to it, and I would read it as well. The list of obstacles was very well done and something I feel all Christians should read. Finally the gifts that God has given to us and to those who are same-sex attracted are very well done. There is very little in this book that I would not recommend.

The bad: (really not bad just the concerning). I am not sure what to make of several groups he recommends, not because they are not Christian churches or organizations but because I have concerns about their orthodoxy and some of the practices. These practices are in no way related to same-sex attraction or any affirming tendencies but other issues. So they are hardly worth mentioning. That said be aware that all groups no matter how much great work they do, there is always the drive to back up all we do with God’s Word, and this book seems to do this around 99% of the time with all of its recommendations and analysis. (please understand that this lack of specifics is due to me not wanting to throw any ministry or church or branch of churches under the bus because I have not actually investigated them but have heard they are sliding away from orthodoxy by people I respect, but it would be hearsay and not something I feel comfortable saying, does that make sense?).

Highly Recommended


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