REVIEW: Reformation Women: Sixteenth-Century Figures Who Shaped Christianity’s Rebirth by Rebecca VanDoodewaard

This book was provided by Reformation Heritage Books for an honest review.

With the 500th anniversary of the Reformation coming this October there are a plethora of Reformation books out there, and many more coming out this year. This book showcases twelve women of amazing faith and courage who stood for the Reformed faith, even at times when it cost them their lives and/or livelihoods.  Everyone knows the famous Reformers (all of whom are men) but what about Anna Reinhard, Charlotte Arbaleste, Renee of Ferrara or Olumpia Morata? These are a few of the women that honestly I would be surprised if anyone reading this review has ever heard of. We all know the Luthers, Calvins, and Knoxs of the Reformation, but these women lived lives of parallel faith and many times were responsible for what made the men around them so great. They wrote letters, papers, books, took care of houses, strangers and aliens, all the while being mothers and sisters and daughters! These women are simply some of the most amazing women who have ever been a part of the church. We need to know these women. Read this book, get to know these women. This book is essential for both men and women as we celebrate the Reformation. Get this book! You need to know these women so that you can better know your Christ!



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